Search for character(s) in Unicode 13.0.0

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You can search for Unicode characters using the following input values.

Word or phrase from the official Unicode character name

For example, searching for ampersand finds U+0026 AMPERSAND as well as other ampersand characters. Searching for coptic finds letters with COPTIC in their character names; searching for coptic small letter finds all letters with the string COPTIC SMALL LETTER in their name.

Word or phrase from the old, deprecated Unicode 1.0 character name

This site also looks for matches of your search term in the Unicode 1.0 version of the character name, e.g. searching for line feed also finds the character U+000A <control> the name of which was LINE FEED (LF) in the old version of Unicode.

A single character

For example, if you enter the character Θ into the search field, the information for the code position U+0398 GREEK CAPITAL LETTER THETA will be displayed.

The hexadecimal value of the Unicode postion

For example, if you enter U+1090A or 1090A into the search field, the information for U+1090A PHOENICIAN LETTER KAF will be displayed.

Search for numerical value

A number of characters in various scripts have numerical values. You can enter a number into a search field and find the characters with that numerical value. Some characters have a fractional numerical value; these characters are returned when either the numerator or the denominator are equal to the search term. So, searching for 3 will find U+0033 DIGIT THREE as well as other characters such as U+00BE VULGAR FRACTION THREE QUARTERS, U+2154 VULGAR FRACTION TWO THIRDS, U+215C VULGAR FRACTION THREE EIGHTHS, U+1245D CUNEIFORM NUMERIC SIGN ONE THIRD VARIANT FORM A, etc.

Notes on display of characters

Some Unicode characters will not be displayed on your computer, or displayed as a default character (e.g. a question mark). This is a client not a server issue; the range of characters displayed by your computer depends on what characters are supported by your operating system, web browser and installed fonts.

The styles used by this site do not prescribe fixed font sizes; you can change the size at which the text is displayed by using the change text size menue command of your web browser.

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