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code point
char­acter UTF-8
Uni­co­de char­ac­ter name
U+16FE1 𖿡 f0 96 bf a1 NUSHU ITERATION MARK
U+1B170 𛅰 f0 9b 85 b0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B170
U+1B171 𛅱 f0 9b 85 b1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B171
U+1B172 𛅲 f0 9b 85 b2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B172
U+1B173 𛅳 f0 9b 85 b3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B173
U+1B174 𛅴 f0 9b 85 b4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B174
U+1B175 𛅵 f0 9b 85 b5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B175
U+1B176 𛅶 f0 9b 85 b6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B176
U+1B177 𛅷 f0 9b 85 b7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B177
U+1B178 𛅸 f0 9b 85 b8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B178
U+1B179 𛅹 f0 9b 85 b9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B179
U+1B17A 𛅺 f0 9b 85 ba NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B17A
U+1B17B 𛅻 f0 9b 85 bb NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B17B
U+1B17C 𛅼 f0 9b 85 bc NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B17C
U+1B17D 𛅽 f0 9b 85 bd NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B17D
U+1B17E 𛅾 f0 9b 85 be NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B17E
U+1B17F 𛅿 f0 9b 85 bf NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B17F
U+1B180 𛆀 f0 9b 86 80 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B180
U+1B181 𛆁 f0 9b 86 81 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B181
U+1B182 𛆂 f0 9b 86 82 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B182
U+1B183 𛆃 f0 9b 86 83 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B183
U+1B184 𛆄 f0 9b 86 84 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B184
U+1B185 𛆅 f0 9b 86 85 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B185
U+1B186 𛆆 f0 9b 86 86 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B186
U+1B187 𛆇 f0 9b 86 87 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B187
U+1B188 𛆈 f0 9b 86 88 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B188
U+1B189 𛆉 f0 9b 86 89 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B189
U+1B18A 𛆊 f0 9b 86 8a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B18A
U+1B18B 𛆋 f0 9b 86 8b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B18B
U+1B18C 𛆌 f0 9b 86 8c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B18C
U+1B18D 𛆍 f0 9b 86 8d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B18D
U+1B18E 𛆎 f0 9b 86 8e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B18E
U+1B18F 𛆏 f0 9b 86 8f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B18F
U+1B190 𛆐 f0 9b 86 90 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B190
U+1B191 𛆑 f0 9b 86 91 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B191
U+1B192 𛆒 f0 9b 86 92 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B192
U+1B193 𛆓 f0 9b 86 93 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B193
U+1B194 𛆔 f0 9b 86 94 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B194
U+1B195 𛆕 f0 9b 86 95 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B195
U+1B196 𛆖 f0 9b 86 96 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B196
U+1B197 𛆗 f0 9b 86 97 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B197
U+1B198 𛆘 f0 9b 86 98 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B198
U+1B199 𛆙 f0 9b 86 99 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B199
U+1B19A 𛆚 f0 9b 86 9a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B19A
U+1B19B 𛆛 f0 9b 86 9b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B19B
U+1B19C 𛆜 f0 9b 86 9c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B19C
U+1B19D 𛆝 f0 9b 86 9d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B19D
U+1B19E 𛆞 f0 9b 86 9e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B19E
U+1B19F 𛆟 f0 9b 86 9f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B19F
U+1B1A0 𛆠 f0 9b 86 a0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A0
U+1B1A1 𛆡 f0 9b 86 a1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A1
U+1B1A2 𛆢 f0 9b 86 a2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A2
U+1B1A3 𛆣 f0 9b 86 a3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A3
U+1B1A4 𛆤 f0 9b 86 a4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A4
U+1B1A5 𛆥 f0 9b 86 a5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A5
U+1B1A6 𛆦 f0 9b 86 a6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A6
U+1B1A7 𛆧 f0 9b 86 a7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A7
U+1B1A8 𛆨 f0 9b 86 a8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A8
U+1B1A9 𛆩 f0 9b 86 a9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1A9
U+1B1AA 𛆪 f0 9b 86 aa NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1AA
U+1B1AB 𛆫 f0 9b 86 ab NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1AB
U+1B1AC 𛆬 f0 9b 86 ac NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1AC
U+1B1AD 𛆭 f0 9b 86 ad NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1AD
U+1B1AE 𛆮 f0 9b 86 ae NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1AE
U+1B1AF 𛆯 f0 9b 86 af NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1AF
U+1B1B0 𛆰 f0 9b 86 b0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B0
U+1B1B1 𛆱 f0 9b 86 b1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B1
U+1B1B2 𛆲 f0 9b 86 b2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B2
U+1B1B3 𛆳 f0 9b 86 b3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B3
U+1B1B4 𛆴 f0 9b 86 b4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B4
U+1B1B5 𛆵 f0 9b 86 b5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B5
U+1B1B6 𛆶 f0 9b 86 b6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B6
U+1B1B7 𛆷 f0 9b 86 b7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B7
U+1B1B8 𛆸 f0 9b 86 b8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B8
U+1B1B9 𛆹 f0 9b 86 b9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1B9
U+1B1BA 𛆺 f0 9b 86 ba NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1BA
U+1B1BB 𛆻 f0 9b 86 bb NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1BB
U+1B1BC 𛆼 f0 9b 86 bc NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1BC
U+1B1BD 𛆽 f0 9b 86 bd NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1BD
U+1B1BE 𛆾 f0 9b 86 be NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1BE
U+1B1BF 𛆿 f0 9b 86 bf NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1BF
U+1B1C0 𛇀 f0 9b 87 80 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C0
U+1B1C1 𛇁 f0 9b 87 81 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C1
U+1B1C2 𛇂 f0 9b 87 82 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C2
U+1B1C3 𛇃 f0 9b 87 83 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C3
U+1B1C4 𛇄 f0 9b 87 84 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C4
U+1B1C5 𛇅 f0 9b 87 85 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C5
U+1B1C6 𛇆 f0 9b 87 86 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C6
U+1B1C7 𛇇 f0 9b 87 87 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C7
U+1B1C8 𛇈 f0 9b 87 88 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C8
U+1B1C9 𛇉 f0 9b 87 89 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1C9
U+1B1CA 𛇊 f0 9b 87 8a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1CA
U+1B1CB 𛇋 f0 9b 87 8b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1CB
U+1B1CC 𛇌 f0 9b 87 8c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1CC
U+1B1CD 𛇍 f0 9b 87 8d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1CD
U+1B1CE 𛇎 f0 9b 87 8e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1CE
U+1B1CF 𛇏 f0 9b 87 8f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1CF
U+1B1D0 𛇐 f0 9b 87 90 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D0
U+1B1D1 𛇑 f0 9b 87 91 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D1
U+1B1D2 𛇒 f0 9b 87 92 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D2
U+1B1D3 𛇓 f0 9b 87 93 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D3
U+1B1D4 𛇔 f0 9b 87 94 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D4
U+1B1D5 𛇕 f0 9b 87 95 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D5
U+1B1D6 𛇖 f0 9b 87 96 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D6
U+1B1D7 𛇗 f0 9b 87 97 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D7
U+1B1D8 𛇘 f0 9b 87 98 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D8
U+1B1D9 𛇙 f0 9b 87 99 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1D9
U+1B1DA 𛇚 f0 9b 87 9a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1DA
U+1B1DB 𛇛 f0 9b 87 9b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1DB
U+1B1DC 𛇜 f0 9b 87 9c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1DC
U+1B1DD 𛇝 f0 9b 87 9d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1DD
U+1B1DE 𛇞 f0 9b 87 9e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1DE
U+1B1DF 𛇟 f0 9b 87 9f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1DF
U+1B1E0 𛇠 f0 9b 87 a0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E0
U+1B1E1 𛇡 f0 9b 87 a1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E1
U+1B1E2 𛇢 f0 9b 87 a2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E2
U+1B1E3 𛇣 f0 9b 87 a3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E3
U+1B1E4 𛇤 f0 9b 87 a4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E4
U+1B1E5 𛇥 f0 9b 87 a5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E5
U+1B1E6 𛇦 f0 9b 87 a6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E6
U+1B1E7 𛇧 f0 9b 87 a7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E7
U+1B1E8 𛇨 f0 9b 87 a8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E8
U+1B1E9 𛇩 f0 9b 87 a9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1E9
U+1B1EA 𛇪 f0 9b 87 aa NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1EA
U+1B1EB 𛇫 f0 9b 87 ab NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1EB
U+1B1EC 𛇬 f0 9b 87 ac NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1EC
U+1B1ED 𛇭 f0 9b 87 ad NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1ED
U+1B1EE 𛇮 f0 9b 87 ae NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1EE
U+1B1EF 𛇯 f0 9b 87 af NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1EF
U+1B1F0 𛇰 f0 9b 87 b0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F0
U+1B1F1 𛇱 f0 9b 87 b1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F1
U+1B1F2 𛇲 f0 9b 87 b2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F2
U+1B1F3 𛇳 f0 9b 87 b3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F3
U+1B1F4 𛇴 f0 9b 87 b4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F4
U+1B1F5 𛇵 f0 9b 87 b5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F5
U+1B1F6 𛇶 f0 9b 87 b6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F6
U+1B1F7 𛇷 f0 9b 87 b7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F7
U+1B1F8 𛇸 f0 9b 87 b8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F8
U+1B1F9 𛇹 f0 9b 87 b9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1F9
U+1B1FA 𛇺 f0 9b 87 ba NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1FA
U+1B1FB 𛇻 f0 9b 87 bb NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1FB
U+1B1FC 𛇼 f0 9b 87 bc NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1FC
U+1B1FD 𛇽 f0 9b 87 bd NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1FD
U+1B1FE 𛇾 f0 9b 87 be NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1FE
U+1B1FF 𛇿 f0 9b 87 bf NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B1FF
U+1B200 𛈀 f0 9b 88 80 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B200
U+1B201 𛈁 f0 9b 88 81 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B201
U+1B202 𛈂 f0 9b 88 82 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B202
U+1B203 𛈃 f0 9b 88 83 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B203
U+1B204 𛈄 f0 9b 88 84 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B204
U+1B205 𛈅 f0 9b 88 85 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B205
U+1B206 𛈆 f0 9b 88 86 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B206
U+1B207 𛈇 f0 9b 88 87 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B207
U+1B208 𛈈 f0 9b 88 88 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B208
U+1B209 𛈉 f0 9b 88 89 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B209
U+1B20A 𛈊 f0 9b 88 8a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B20A
U+1B20B 𛈋 f0 9b 88 8b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B20B
U+1B20C 𛈌 f0 9b 88 8c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B20C
U+1B20D 𛈍 f0 9b 88 8d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B20D
U+1B20E 𛈎 f0 9b 88 8e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B20E
U+1B20F 𛈏 f0 9b 88 8f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B20F
U+1B210 𛈐 f0 9b 88 90 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B210
U+1B211 𛈑 f0 9b 88 91 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B211
U+1B212 𛈒 f0 9b 88 92 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B212
U+1B213 𛈓 f0 9b 88 93 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B213
U+1B214 𛈔 f0 9b 88 94 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B214
U+1B215 𛈕 f0 9b 88 95 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B215
U+1B216 𛈖 f0 9b 88 96 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B216
U+1B217 𛈗 f0 9b 88 97 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B217
U+1B218 𛈘 f0 9b 88 98 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B218
U+1B219 𛈙 f0 9b 88 99 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B219
U+1B21A 𛈚 f0 9b 88 9a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B21A
U+1B21B 𛈛 f0 9b 88 9b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B21B
U+1B21C 𛈜 f0 9b 88 9c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B21C
U+1B21D 𛈝 f0 9b 88 9d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B21D
U+1B21E 𛈞 f0 9b 88 9e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B21E
U+1B21F 𛈟 f0 9b 88 9f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B21F
U+1B220 𛈠 f0 9b 88 a0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B220
U+1B221 𛈡 f0 9b 88 a1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B221
U+1B222 𛈢 f0 9b 88 a2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B222
U+1B223 𛈣 f0 9b 88 a3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B223
U+1B224 𛈤 f0 9b 88 a4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B224
U+1B225 𛈥 f0 9b 88 a5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B225
U+1B226 𛈦 f0 9b 88 a6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B226
U+1B227 𛈧 f0 9b 88 a7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B227
U+1B228 𛈨 f0 9b 88 a8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B228
U+1B229 𛈩 f0 9b 88 a9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B229
U+1B22A 𛈪 f0 9b 88 aa NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B22A
U+1B22B 𛈫 f0 9b 88 ab NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B22B
U+1B22C 𛈬 f0 9b 88 ac NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B22C
U+1B22D 𛈭 f0 9b 88 ad NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B22D
U+1B22E 𛈮 f0 9b 88 ae NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B22E
U+1B22F 𛈯 f0 9b 88 af NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B22F
U+1B230 𛈰 f0 9b 88 b0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B230
U+1B231 𛈱 f0 9b 88 b1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B231
U+1B232 𛈲 f0 9b 88 b2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B232
U+1B233 𛈳 f0 9b 88 b3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B233
U+1B234 𛈴 f0 9b 88 b4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B234
U+1B235 𛈵 f0 9b 88 b5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B235
U+1B236 𛈶 f0 9b 88 b6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B236
U+1B237 𛈷 f0 9b 88 b7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B237
U+1B238 𛈸 f0 9b 88 b8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B238
U+1B239 𛈹 f0 9b 88 b9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B239
U+1B23A 𛈺 f0 9b 88 ba NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B23A
U+1B23B 𛈻 f0 9b 88 bb NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B23B
U+1B23C 𛈼 f0 9b 88 bc NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B23C
U+1B23D 𛈽 f0 9b 88 bd NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B23D
U+1B23E 𛈾 f0 9b 88 be NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B23E
U+1B23F 𛈿 f0 9b 88 bf NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B23F
U+1B240 𛉀 f0 9b 89 80 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B240
U+1B241 𛉁 f0 9b 89 81 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B241
U+1B242 𛉂 f0 9b 89 82 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B242
U+1B243 𛉃 f0 9b 89 83 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B243
U+1B244 𛉄 f0 9b 89 84 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B244
U+1B245 𛉅 f0 9b 89 85 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B245
U+1B246 𛉆 f0 9b 89 86 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B246
U+1B247 𛉇 f0 9b 89 87 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B247
U+1B248 𛉈 f0 9b 89 88 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B248
U+1B249 𛉉 f0 9b 89 89 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B249
U+1B24A 𛉊 f0 9b 89 8a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B24A
U+1B24B 𛉋 f0 9b 89 8b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B24B
U+1B24C 𛉌 f0 9b 89 8c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B24C
U+1B24D 𛉍 f0 9b 89 8d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B24D
U+1B24E 𛉎 f0 9b 89 8e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B24E
U+1B24F 𛉏 f0 9b 89 8f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B24F
U+1B250 𛉐 f0 9b 89 90 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B250
U+1B251 𛉑 f0 9b 89 91 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B251
U+1B252 𛉒 f0 9b 89 92 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B252
U+1B253 𛉓 f0 9b 89 93 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B253
U+1B254 𛉔 f0 9b 89 94 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B254
U+1B255 𛉕 f0 9b 89 95 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B255
U+1B256 𛉖 f0 9b 89 96 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B256
U+1B257 𛉗 f0 9b 89 97 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B257
U+1B258 𛉘 f0 9b 89 98 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B258
U+1B259 𛉙 f0 9b 89 99 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B259
U+1B25A 𛉚 f0 9b 89 9a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B25A
U+1B25B 𛉛 f0 9b 89 9b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B25B
U+1B25C 𛉜 f0 9b 89 9c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B25C
U+1B25D 𛉝 f0 9b 89 9d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B25D
U+1B25E 𛉞 f0 9b 89 9e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B25E
U+1B25F 𛉟 f0 9b 89 9f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B25F
U+1B260 𛉠 f0 9b 89 a0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B260
U+1B261 𛉡 f0 9b 89 a1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B261
U+1B262 𛉢 f0 9b 89 a2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B262
U+1B263 𛉣 f0 9b 89 a3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B263
U+1B264 𛉤 f0 9b 89 a4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B264
U+1B265 𛉥 f0 9b 89 a5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B265
U+1B266 𛉦 f0 9b 89 a6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B266
U+1B267 𛉧 f0 9b 89 a7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B267
U+1B268 𛉨 f0 9b 89 a8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B268
U+1B269 𛉩 f0 9b 89 a9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B269
U+1B26A 𛉪 f0 9b 89 aa NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B26A
U+1B26B 𛉫 f0 9b 89 ab NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B26B
U+1B26C 𛉬 f0 9b 89 ac NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B26C
U+1B26D 𛉭 f0 9b 89 ad NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B26D
U+1B26E 𛉮 f0 9b 89 ae NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B26E
U+1B26F 𛉯 f0 9b 89 af NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B26F
U+1B270 𛉰 f0 9b 89 b0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B270
U+1B271 𛉱 f0 9b 89 b1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B271
U+1B272 𛉲 f0 9b 89 b2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B272
U+1B273 𛉳 f0 9b 89 b3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B273
U+1B274 𛉴 f0 9b 89 b4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B274
U+1B275 𛉵 f0 9b 89 b5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B275
U+1B276 𛉶 f0 9b 89 b6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B276
U+1B277 𛉷 f0 9b 89 b7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B277
U+1B278 𛉸 f0 9b 89 b8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B278
U+1B279 𛉹 f0 9b 89 b9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B279
U+1B27A 𛉺 f0 9b 89 ba NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B27A
U+1B27B 𛉻 f0 9b 89 bb NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B27B
U+1B27C 𛉼 f0 9b 89 bc NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B27C
U+1B27D 𛉽 f0 9b 89 bd NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B27D
U+1B27E 𛉾 f0 9b 89 be NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B27E
U+1B27F 𛉿 f0 9b 89 bf NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B27F
U+1B280 𛊀 f0 9b 8a 80 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B280
U+1B281 𛊁 f0 9b 8a 81 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B281
U+1B282 𛊂 f0 9b 8a 82 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B282
U+1B283 𛊃 f0 9b 8a 83 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B283
U+1B284 𛊄 f0 9b 8a 84 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B284
U+1B285 𛊅 f0 9b 8a 85 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B285
U+1B286 𛊆 f0 9b 8a 86 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B286
U+1B287 𛊇 f0 9b 8a 87 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B287
U+1B288 𛊈 f0 9b 8a 88 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B288
U+1B289 𛊉 f0 9b 8a 89 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B289
U+1B28A 𛊊 f0 9b 8a 8a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B28A
U+1B28B 𛊋 f0 9b 8a 8b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B28B
U+1B28C 𛊌 f0 9b 8a 8c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B28C
U+1B28D 𛊍 f0 9b 8a 8d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B28D
U+1B28E 𛊎 f0 9b 8a 8e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B28E
U+1B28F 𛊏 f0 9b 8a 8f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B28F
U+1B290 𛊐 f0 9b 8a 90 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B290
U+1B291 𛊑 f0 9b 8a 91 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B291
U+1B292 𛊒 f0 9b 8a 92 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B292
U+1B293 𛊓 f0 9b 8a 93 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B293
U+1B294 𛊔 f0 9b 8a 94 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B294
U+1B295 𛊕 f0 9b 8a 95 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B295
U+1B296 𛊖 f0 9b 8a 96 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B296
U+1B297 𛊗 f0 9b 8a 97 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B297
U+1B298 𛊘 f0 9b 8a 98 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B298
U+1B299 𛊙 f0 9b 8a 99 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B299
U+1B29A 𛊚 f0 9b 8a 9a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B29A
U+1B29B 𛊛 f0 9b 8a 9b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B29B
U+1B29C 𛊜 f0 9b 8a 9c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B29C
U+1B29D 𛊝 f0 9b 8a 9d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B29D
U+1B29E 𛊞 f0 9b 8a 9e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B29E
U+1B29F 𛊟 f0 9b 8a 9f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B29F
U+1B2A0 𛊠 f0 9b 8a a0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A0
U+1B2A1 𛊡 f0 9b 8a a1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A1
U+1B2A2 𛊢 f0 9b 8a a2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A2
U+1B2A3 𛊣 f0 9b 8a a3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A3
U+1B2A4 𛊤 f0 9b 8a a4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A4
U+1B2A5 𛊥 f0 9b 8a a5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A5
U+1B2A6 𛊦 f0 9b 8a a6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A6
U+1B2A7 𛊧 f0 9b 8a a7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A7
U+1B2A8 𛊨 f0 9b 8a a8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A8
U+1B2A9 𛊩 f0 9b 8a a9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2A9
U+1B2AA 𛊪 f0 9b 8a aa NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2AA
U+1B2AB 𛊫 f0 9b 8a ab NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2AB
U+1B2AC 𛊬 f0 9b 8a ac NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2AC
U+1B2AD 𛊭 f0 9b 8a ad NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2AD
U+1B2AE 𛊮 f0 9b 8a ae NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2AE
U+1B2AF 𛊯 f0 9b 8a af NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2AF
U+1B2B0 𛊰 f0 9b 8a b0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B0
U+1B2B1 𛊱 f0 9b 8a b1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B1
U+1B2B2 𛊲 f0 9b 8a b2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B2
U+1B2B3 𛊳 f0 9b 8a b3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B3
U+1B2B4 𛊴 f0 9b 8a b4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B4
U+1B2B5 𛊵 f0 9b 8a b5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B5
U+1B2B6 𛊶 f0 9b 8a b6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B6
U+1B2B7 𛊷 f0 9b 8a b7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B7
U+1B2B8 𛊸 f0 9b 8a b8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B8
U+1B2B9 𛊹 f0 9b 8a b9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2B9
U+1B2BA 𛊺 f0 9b 8a ba NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2BA
U+1B2BB 𛊻 f0 9b 8a bb NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2BB
U+1B2BC 𛊼 f0 9b 8a bc NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2BC
U+1B2BD 𛊽 f0 9b 8a bd NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2BD
U+1B2BE 𛊾 f0 9b 8a be NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2BE
U+1B2BF 𛊿 f0 9b 8a bf NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2BF
U+1B2C0 𛋀 f0 9b 8b 80 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C0
U+1B2C1 𛋁 f0 9b 8b 81 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C1
U+1B2C2 𛋂 f0 9b 8b 82 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C2
U+1B2C3 𛋃 f0 9b 8b 83 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C3
U+1B2C4 𛋄 f0 9b 8b 84 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C4
U+1B2C5 𛋅 f0 9b 8b 85 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C5
U+1B2C6 𛋆 f0 9b 8b 86 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C6
U+1B2C7 𛋇 f0 9b 8b 87 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C7
U+1B2C8 𛋈 f0 9b 8b 88 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C8
U+1B2C9 𛋉 f0 9b 8b 89 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2C9
U+1B2CA 𛋊 f0 9b 8b 8a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2CA
U+1B2CB 𛋋 f0 9b 8b 8b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2CB
U+1B2CC 𛋌 f0 9b 8b 8c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2CC
U+1B2CD 𛋍 f0 9b 8b 8d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2CD
U+1B2CE 𛋎 f0 9b 8b 8e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2CE
U+1B2CF 𛋏 f0 9b 8b 8f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2CF
U+1B2D0 𛋐 f0 9b 8b 90 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D0
U+1B2D1 𛋑 f0 9b 8b 91 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D1
U+1B2D2 𛋒 f0 9b 8b 92 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D2
U+1B2D3 𛋓 f0 9b 8b 93 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D3
U+1B2D4 𛋔 f0 9b 8b 94 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D4
U+1B2D5 𛋕 f0 9b 8b 95 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D5
U+1B2D6 𛋖 f0 9b 8b 96 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D6
U+1B2D7 𛋗 f0 9b 8b 97 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D7
U+1B2D8 𛋘 f0 9b 8b 98 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D8
U+1B2D9 𛋙 f0 9b 8b 99 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2D9
U+1B2DA 𛋚 f0 9b 8b 9a NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2DA
U+1B2DB 𛋛 f0 9b 8b 9b NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2DB
U+1B2DC 𛋜 f0 9b 8b 9c NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2DC
U+1B2DD 𛋝 f0 9b 8b 9d NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2DD
U+1B2DE 𛋞 f0 9b 8b 9e NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2DE
U+1B2DF 𛋟 f0 9b 8b 9f NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2DF
U+1B2E0 𛋠 f0 9b 8b a0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E0
U+1B2E1 𛋡 f0 9b 8b a1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E1
U+1B2E2 𛋢 f0 9b 8b a2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E2
U+1B2E3 𛋣 f0 9b 8b a3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E3
U+1B2E4 𛋤 f0 9b 8b a4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E4
U+1B2E5 𛋥 f0 9b 8b a5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E5
U+1B2E6 𛋦 f0 9b 8b a6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E6
U+1B2E7 𛋧 f0 9b 8b a7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E7
U+1B2E8 𛋨 f0 9b 8b a8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E8
U+1B2E9 𛋩 f0 9b 8b a9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2E9
U+1B2EA 𛋪 f0 9b 8b aa NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2EA
U+1B2EB 𛋫 f0 9b 8b ab NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2EB
U+1B2EC 𛋬 f0 9b 8b ac NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2EC
U+1B2ED 𛋭 f0 9b 8b ad NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2ED
U+1B2EE 𛋮 f0 9b 8b ae NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2EE
U+1B2EF 𛋯 f0 9b 8b af NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2EF
U+1B2F0 𛋰 f0 9b 8b b0 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F0
U+1B2F1 𛋱 f0 9b 8b b1 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F1
U+1B2F2 𛋲 f0 9b 8b b2 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F2
U+1B2F3 𛋳 f0 9b 8b b3 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F3
U+1B2F4 𛋴 f0 9b 8b b4 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F4
U+1B2F5 𛋵 f0 9b 8b b5 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F5
U+1B2F6 𛋶 f0 9b 8b b6 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F6
U+1B2F7 𛋷 f0 9b 8b b7 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F7
U+1B2F8 𛋸 f0 9b 8b b8 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F8
U+1B2F9 𛋹 f0 9b 8b b9 NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2F9
U+1B2FA 𛋺 f0 9b 8b ba NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2FA
U+1B2FB 𛋻 f0 9b 8b bb NUSHU CHAR­AC­TER-1B2FB